Aliant Announces to Pay Some Part of Employees Wages in Cryptocurrency 


October 16, 2019

Aliant, the leading U.S. provider of payment processing and merchant services, declared to pay compensation package to its employees in cryptocurrency. The employees will get paid in a combination of Litecoin and Bitcoin Wallet

Aliant CEO Eric Brown said that the fintech industry is experiencing growth and changes rapidly, and in this shift of digital currency, our employees can become a part of Aliant’s involvement. He further added that Aliant’s every member has a vested interest in cryptocurrency. The more Aliant’s team makes use of digital currency exchange, the better user experience will our customers receive. Aliant gets the benefits as a company, and the employees will avail advantages as invested customers. 

In Sep 2017, Aliant has become one of the first payment processing firms to provide merchants the flexibility to receive cryptocurrency payments. In July 2018, the company declared that it has formed its own fully-compliant and domestic solution that converts cryptocurrency to USD, processes crypto payments and renders the merchants next day payouts. Aliant has a payment processing system named CryptoBucks, which alleviates the volatility risk of cryptocurrencies for merchants. This makes it easier for anyone to adopt cryptocurrency market trends.