Binance Ties Up with Koinal for enabling more Crypto Services


September 27, 2019

Now users will get more services as Koinal and Binance ties up.

The famous cryptocurrency exchange Binance and a London based payment organization Koinal has come up together with each other to bring more services to the crypto users in Binance. Now the users will get an advantage to deposit fiat currencies with the lowest charge on Binance.

In the present time, the users who have to transact through the Bitcoin and other currencies with the card, use Binance fiat gateway at reduced expenses.

TO bring crypto in the mainstream world, it is necessary to ease the process of converting fiat and cryptocurrency. As the blockchain industry evolves, it becomes more important to bridge the gap between these two currencies. Binance has taken an initiative to do so and will continue to work in this field.

With this action, the clients of Binance will be able to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP with the fiat currencies or any digital cards, credit or debit card. This service is available in more than 175 countries with bank transfers.

Before this integration, Binance has collaborated with Paxos, Simplex and TrunstToken for smoothening the gateway channels. This year, Binance has also added the card payment system to its service.

Koinal is a London based technology company founded in 2018. It makes use of cryptocurrencies simpler for the people. The firm also makes use of advanced encryption technology to protect client payments and makes sure that everything is perfect.

This news comes when the crypto market has fallen with more than a 15% drop in the market. In spite of the downfall, Binance has not paid any heed to the downfall and keeps improving its services.