Blockchain can Revolutionize the Food Supply Chain


October 3, 2019

Blockchain technology will not only revolutionize the financial sector but also has the potential to improve the food chain and bring transparency in it, where the whole of the process will be transparent from production point to the end-user.

 Stale and unadulterated food has reached every household and has become a major issue in recent times. Cases of foodstuff injected with harmful chemicals have adversely affected the people. As a result, the health and productivity of the consumers are being affected.

One case around the Athi River in Kenya which is contaminated with harmful chemicals because all the irrigation is being done through the polluted water that is discharged from the industries. So in order to improve safe food trade in Kenya, the government has to impose the right policies, privacy and protection for trading.

In this concern, Blockchain can help in various ways. As all the food chain will be transparent so the food from the production to the end-user can be traced. We all know that Blockchain is a distributed ledger open to anyone and is decentralized.

Every transaction is secured by a digital signature which helps in perfect authentication of the transaction. As the transaction is encrypted so all the information cannot be tampered. With this, the trust of the buyers has improved. This technology can also help to get rid of the fake products.

The products that are not good for human consumption can be eliminated. This will heavily reduce the wastage of food and diseases.