Cex Wallet Customer Support Number: +1-833-313-7111

You can trade Bitcoin from various platforms. There are numerous platforms available across the internet which will help you to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But the best part of CEX.IO is that you can deposit your funds and trade in Bitcoins at a much fair price. If you want to get more information on what are the formalities you have to proceed with this crypto exchange, you just have to call on the CEX Wallet Phone number.

Cex Wallet Support Number: +1-833-313-7111

The positive reputation of the CEX.io makes this service more trustable and favorable across the world. The customer base of CEX.IO has crossed 3 lacs and that is why it is most reliable also. The security is the topmost priority that is being worked upon also ensuring a high-level customer support. The cex wallet helpline number is readily available at the website through which you can call on the number and get the required help.

Every cryptocurrency has to be passed with a thorough checklist and then is added in an exchange. CEX is readily concerned about the quality of the service and cryptocurrency and then added in the exchange.

Overview of CEX.IO

The exchange was started in the year 2013 with a Bitcoin exchange service and cloud mining. But in Jan 2015 the cloud mining service was stopped and from then it only operated as a cryptocurrency exchange.

Services That You Will Get from CEX.IO

The cryptocurrency can be bought using the credit card or a wired transfer. Crypto assets can be purchased in two ways via trading platform and brokerage service. If you want to know more about the ways of brokerage service and the trading platform then you can call on the cex wallet customer service phone number given here for your support.

Fees Levied on Various Transactions

Every transaction has to go through a process that will have some transactional fees and charges. Different amount is forced on different types of services. For e.g. when you will process the transfer through bank wire or SEPA transfer then there is no additional fee but when you process the payment through a credit card then a nominal fee of 2.99% is levied.

The withdrawal fees can reach up to 3% which also depends on the type of currency used. The transaction fees usually work on the maker-taker model. This means that the person who created the model will have to pay a much lower fee than the person who takes the order. Usually, the transactional fee ranges from 0.16% – 0.25%. For more details on fees and other transactional charges, you can call on the cex wallet customer support number and get the required help.

Buying Limits

There are different buying limits when a user is registered on the platform. Four types of account verification processes are there which have their own buying limits.

  • Identity: The accounts which have only verified by an identity can buy Bitcoins of value $1000 per day and $3000 per month. Other than this limitation, the users can only transact through a credit card.
  • Address: Address verified accounts can buy Bitcoins valued up to $200,000 per day and $500,000 per month and that too through a wired transfer.
  • Enhanced & Corporate: If you have enhanced verified account then you have no limitation on the amount of Bitcoin transfer.

In case you have to verify the account, you can verify through a valid government id and some personal information. If you want to know a complete list of information on what are the limits and how you can verify yourself then you can call on the cex wallet customer service phone number for any help.

In case you are on the first tier of the verification then also you can process all the transactions. Just you will have to send personal details and documents. In order to increase the daily limits, you have to hold your ID with your face and take a selfie and upload it to the servers.

General Information

CEX.IO has a very simple user interface that is suitable for beginners. With a multi-account system functionality, CEX.IO has the competence of KYC as well as the Anti-money laundering feature. This exchange is can be used only when the user is registered and verified which makes it more authentic.

This also has a two-factor authentication process by which all the users have to provide their email address, telephone and also verify it.

Issues Related to CEX.IO

Hidden Charges:

There are some of the issues that are reported within the users. Some additional fees and other charges are levied on the users while they transact through the CEX.IO platform. In order to get the complete details on what are all the charges and what charges they can get rid of, the users can call on the Cex Support Number: 1-833-313-7111.

Withdrawal Issues:

There are a lot of users who have complained that after the transaction is over, the waiting time is a lot more than expected. The funds from the exchange to a credit card is very time taking. In case you are also experiencing such types of issues then you have the option to contact on the following CEX Wallet Phone number: 1-833-313-7111.

CEX.IO Supported Platforms

CEX is supported by all the platforms.

You can process your transactions on the webspace as well as other platforms. The exchange is on iOS as well as Google Play.

Cex Customer Service Phone Number

So, above is a few descriptions about what is CEX and how you can invest and transact through the crypto trading. You do not have to worry about anything and any process as we have the best in class customer associates. The associates will help all the users who will call on the cex wallet customer service number with their expertise.